11 Best Free Online Meetings Tools For Remote Teams

Somewhat unexpected, but we now run our own videoconferencing software, #Jitsi It is 100% privacy friendly, 100% open source and runs on our own servers. Additionally, while BlueJeans does offer a free trial, it only lasts two weeks, so if this is a platform you are considering, you will need to opt for a paid version for long-term use. Unfortunately, one platform is always going to have to come last in the audio and visual quality test, and this year it was BlueJeans. In contrast to well-known services such as Skype or Zoom, we do not record any personal data. Our tool uses the established open source software Jitsi Meet, which we run on our servers in the European Union. Allow screen sharing and you can also share your interactive whiteboard.

Not all videoconferencing platforms are created equal, however, and as a team, we favored some products over others. While our opinions are subjective, we hope the following reviews and side-by-side feature comparison table help any organization struggling to find the right videoconferencing software make an informed investment decision. Computerworld tested each platform with a series of video calls that included co-workers in the UK and in various locations across the US including California, Florida, Massachusetts, and North Carolina during the week of May 3. In each meeting, participants used a variety of methods to join the call, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS , and web apps. According to Gartner’s Digital Worker Experience Survey, near 80% of the global workforce is using collaboration software.

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The benefit of using a free online meeting software that has apps across iOS and Android, especially for a small business, is that you won’t have to invest in company phones for every employee. Cisco Webex was ahead of its competitors last year by offering E2E encryption, and the company continues to make security a priority for its users. Audio and video quality are generally good, although I wouldn’t recommend this platform if you needed to regularly host calls with large numbers of people. Besides those initial issues, the in-call features offered by BlueJeans all seemed to work as intended.

Best Video Conferencing Apps For Virtual Meetings Features & Pricing Reviewed

Like almost every other platform, LogMeIn offers desktop users the option to download an app. Unlike with the other platforms, however, none of us could successfully download and install the Windows or macOS app. Cisco offers a free plan and three different paid plans for Webex Meetings, with each tier supporting more meeting hosts and participants. The platform was ahead of the curve last year, being the only one in our previous review to offer end-to-end encryption.

While it’s understandable that limits will be imposed on free trial versions, unless you opt for a paid GoToMeeting plan, the platform would not be ideal for anything other than very small internal team meetings. We also continued to be impressed by the accuracy of the real-time closed captioning Meet offers. Individual users can choose whether to run the service or not and can toggle it on and off throughout the meeting.

Even WhatsApp allows you to make a video call with three other persons. That being said, the in-meeting features available with the free trial are basic but work well. Sharing my screen was an easy and glitch-free experience, as were the controls available to me as a host, such as muting and unmuting participants and giving them presenter status. GoToMeeting offers Business and Enterprise plan users additional features such as drawing tools, note taking, and a smart assistant that detects action items.

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A colleague who tested the ability to join the meeting via various web browsers was happy to discover that BlueJeans supports Firefox, Safari, and Opera in addition to Chrome and Edge. Additionally, another colleague who used the BlueJeans iPhone app to access the call was “pleasantly surprised” by her remote meeting apps experience. As with all the other platforms included in this review, our BlueJeans test call was undertaken on the free version of the platform, with call participants joining from a variety of different devices and locations. The performance review meeting is supposed to be a two-way conversation …

  • If the meeting host and all the participants are already hardwired into Google Workspace, then Google Meet is the easiest and most obvious videoconferencing choice to use.
  • Google has since said that it is updating Google Meet’s UI, allowing users to simultaneously see other participants alongside their in-call presentation.
  • Unfortunately, one platform is always going to have to come last in the audio and visual quality test, and this year it was BlueJeans.
  • Offer video, audio and messenger conversations simultaneously.

Choosing the right tool to run virtual meetings shouldn’t just be based on what tool will give you the most benefits, but instead on the tool that will satisfy your business requirements and be within the set budget. The number of participants https://globalcloudteam.com/ you can include in a meeting depends on your package level. The free level allows 50 participants, while the premium level allows up to 3,000 participants. Town is a breath of fresh air in the remote collaboration and communication space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Online Meetings

On the free plan, you can host one on one meetings and up to 100 group meetings. Allow multiple attendees to share their screens at the same time, thereby making collaboration easier. You want best-in-class features so that the new tool doesn’t clip your team’s wings. But you don’t want a platform bloated with unnecessary gimmicks to bog you down.

remote meeting apps

Those links are less secure, as recipients could share them with others, who could then join rooms. The platform says it is reducing the potential for abuse by allowing hosts to “lock” rooms so that no new participants can join. The company said Messenger Rooms will have default settings to protect meetings from intruders. People who create the rooms can control who is allowed to join. They can make a room open to anyone they are friends with on Facebook, or they can invite specific people.

Skype For Business

While this is no longer a unique offering from Cisco, it illustrates that the platform has long had security at the forefront of its development. With the EXPERTE.com Online Meeting you can start a video conference with up to 30 people with just one click – without registration, without software installation and completely free of charge. The online meeting takes place directly in the browser and enables video conference, text chats and screen sharing. A replacement for Hangouts, Meet is now Google’s key virtual meeting platform.

TeamViewer claimed their online meeting application is secure, even more, secure than Cisco’s. It offers unique features like allowing you to run several remote sessions on your Apple computer. There’s also a QuickJoin feature that lets customers to easily and quickly join the presentations or meetings without installing the app. In addition to the free version, GoToMeeting offers three paid plans, with increasing numbers of users supported and admin controls added.


When she left and tried to rejoin the meeting to see if that would solve the issue, she was told the meeting was at capacity, so never got a chance to solve the issue. Additionally, while the screen share feature worked as expected and gives you the option to share your entire screen, a window, or a tab, as the presenter I couldn’t see what I was sharing within the call, which I didn’t like. Google has since said that it is updating Google Meet’s UI, allowing users to simultaneously see other participants alongside their in-call presentation. Cisco has clearly worked hard over the last year to make Webex a leader in the videoconferencing space, particularly under its paid plans. While the free option we tested certainly allowed us to have a successful video call, it just doesn’t feel as polished as some of the other free services we tried. Instead, I had to create a separate invite in Outlook, invite the meeting participants, and provide a link to my personal meeting room.

The new feature, called Messenger Rooms, allows anyone with a Facebook account to create a video meeting and invite their friends to join, even if those people are not Facebook users. Web conferencing absolutely boosts workplace productivity, especially in the kinds of remote work environments many of us now find ourselves in . Virtual meetings let you stay connected with your team members and manager no matter how far apart you might be, and often come with excellent collaboration tools. For example, if you need digital whiteboarding as part of your meeting solution, there are tools that let you whiteboard with your team while on a video call.

Although the version we tried was not feature rich, all participants were able to share their screens, view and annotate the whiteboard, and enable a virtual background. There’s also an option to add a name plate to your video tile; however, that can only be seen by other participants if they are in gallery mode. Founded in 2009 as Blue Jeans Network, BlueJeans launched its cloud-based service in 2011 with the goal of making videoconferencing available to anyone with a video-enabled device. In addition to its main video meeting platform, Virtual Meetings, BlueJeans offers products for conference rooms, telehealth, webinars, and other events. Is a new and all-in-one online meeting software for planning and running virtual meetings.

Highly Recommended Online Meeting App For Flexible Companies

When she tried to change some of her settings, the app took a long time to respond. She’s unsure if this lag was an issue caused by her phone, her connection, or the GoToMeeting app. GoToMeeting was first released back in 2004 as an online meeting, desktop sharing, and videoconferencing software package. After LogMeIn and Citrix’s GoTo unit merged in 2017, GoToMeeting officially became a LogMeIn product and now heads up the GoTo catalog of products, which also includes GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and GoToRoom. Throughout the call, the audio and video quality of all the participants held up relatively well, and overall, we experienced no major technical issues.

As such, it is tightly integrated with the other Workspace applications, including Gmail and Google Calendar. Meet is also available for free to anybody with a Google account, with fewer features than are included with the paid Workspace plans. Besides the issues mentioned above, both the video and the audio were mostly clear and remained relatively consistent throughout the entirety of the call, with no one dropping out at any point. We couldn’t hear one colleague at the start of the call, but this was sorted relatively quickly when he adjusted his system settings. Recording the meeting provides a full audio and visual playback that can be downloaded and shared. A record of the chat log and a list of meeting attendees is also available when you watch the recording.

The service is available for personal Gmail accounts as well as Google Workspace business users. When you need to have large-scale conferences, department-wide video meetings, and office-wide briefings. If you need to be able to have 100 meeting participants, for example, you’re probably going to need to look at a paid video conferencing solution.

All content in transit is encrypted using AES-256 GCM; recordings are stored in secure containers, protected with AES 256-bit encryption, and accessible only by the recording originator. Meeting IDs are randomized, and hosts can enable passcodes, lock meetings, and remove participants. The platform also supports two-factor authentication and single sign-on. Once on the call, another quirk we came across was the fact that all participants had moderator permissions turned on by default. Again, this might be something the host can toggle on or off when setting up the meeting, but when I organized the call, it certainly wasn’t obvious to me.

A colleague of mine did say that he’d been on a Google Meet call with more than 60 colleagues based in India and had noticed a serious degradation in call quality during that meeting. Furthermore, a colleague accessing the meeting via a web browser was unable to see any other participants’ camera feeds or hear what they were saying. Their names were still visible in the corner of the video squares and would continue to light up to indicate who was speaking, but said colleague was forced to leave and rejoin the meeting in order to get sound and video back.

(Note that I used the free version of Webex for testing.) While this workaround did work and we were all able to join the meeting successfully this way, it overcomplicated what had previously been a smooth process. When we tested Cisco Webex last year, organizing a meeting was extremely simple. On your user profile page, you would select Schedule, then input the meeting title, date, and time, plus the email addresses of your participants.

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